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E-Mobility Resources

E-mobility is the best, and possibly the only way forward for New Zealand.

While we engage in academic research, we also aim to make our findings accessible and digestible for the general public. After all, we need the whole nation to understand and embrace the future of transport!

Find key information about climate change, the environmental impacts and benefits of electric vehicles, and other useful information about electric vehicles in New Zealand here.


What is the difference between BEVs, PHEVs and HEVs?

In this guide, we help you familiarise yourself with the terms BEV, HEV, PHEV, and ICEV and understand the pros and cons of each vehicle type. 

EV myths busted: Are electric vehicles safer than gas-powered cars?

In this EV myth-busting series, Drive Electric New Zealand sets the record straight on the safety concerns surrounding EVs.

Electric cars and accessibility: What drivers with disabilities need to know

New Zealand is committed to a large-scale transition to electric transport. What does this mean for people with disabilities?

EV myths busted: Are electric vehicles actually good for the environment?

In our EV myth-busting series, the Drive Electric team are setting the record straight on EVs.

EV myths busted: The most common electric vehicle misconceptions

In our EV myth-busting series, the Drive Electric team are setting the record straight on EVs.

How to get staff on board with your company transition to EVs

If you are starting your business journey to a carbon zero fleet, there are several decisions to make around procurement, infrastructure and cost. One of the most important factors to…

The Kiwi business journey to Carbon Zero

FleetPartners is a Premium member of Drive Electric. They are a leading vehicle leasing and mobility solutions company with over 3,000 customers and over 25,000 vehicles on the road. By…

BEV, PHEV or Mild Hybrid? Electric Vehicle terms explained

Heavy transport in New Zealand: is an electric future possible?

EV myths busted: What impact do EVs really have on the environment?



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