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Our Strategy – 2022

Drive Electric is actively working to accelerate electric vehicle uptake in New Zealand. Here’s how.

We are at a crucial turning point for the transport sector in New Zealand.

Over the past decade, we have watched the electric vehicle movement gain momentum across New Zealand, thanks in no small part to the efforts and influence of our organisation.

2021 saw 13,246 electric vehicles registered in NZ for the first time; this is well over double the registrations of the year prior. Countless new electric models have been announced, vehicle manufacturers in all transport sectors are making full-electric commitments and our nationwide charging network grows larger and better connected by the day. Our Government has implemented a raft of policies that remove or reduce several of the barriers to owning an electric vehicle, and have indicated their ongoing commitment to a decarbonised transport future for New Zealand.

However, there is still work to do. New Zealand continues to lag behind our contemporaries in electric vehicle uptake, supply issues are becoming apparent, and there is much room for improvement in public perception and emissions reduction policy frameworks.

Every year, our board refreshes our strategy to ensure Drive Electric remains agile in the rapidly evolving transport landscape. Here are our priorities for 2022.

We are continuing our efforts to make electric mobility mainstream.

Drive Electric will continue our role as high profile advocates for cleaner transport in 2022. We have become the most credible and recognised go-to industry body for electric vehicles in New Zealand, and we intend to both leverage and strengthen that position in the coming months.

We will have a particular focus on what will be needed in the next three years for New Zealand to achieve a majority-electric transport system.

This means:

  • We will increase the amount of data and analytics available regarding e-mobility in New Zealand, so individuals and fleet managers can make informed, future-focused decisions. We will distribute accurate information in the form of whitepapers, press releases, articles and educational events.
  • Through our Policy working group, we will proactively engage with government as the ‘voice of e-mobility’, respond to policy consultations on behalf of our members and carry out lobbying activities.
  • Our Safety and Infrastructure Regulations working group will provide expert input to regulation changes, reflect on international practices to adapt them to the NZ context and work closely with our membership base to ensure the best electric vehicle infrastructure outcomes for New Zealand.
  • Our Vehicle Availability working group will continually analyse New Zealand and international buying trends and upcoming electric vehicle availability, to ensure that our marketplaces, retailers and infrastructure are prepared for the future.

A key element of our strategy: increase support and education for our members

We have adapted our value proposition for our members, so that any business who joins us will not only have more wraparound support than ever throughout their transition to electric, but will also have greater access to up-to-date information and a network of corporate leaders at the forefront of change in the transport industry.

We are enhancing our digital offerings across our website, email campaigns and social platforms and providing more opportunities for member engagement through our newly formed Membership Working Group and a new Membership Liaison position.

By offering outstanding value to our members, we are aiming to grow our membership base. This will expand our influence and deliver us greater insight into all facets of the EV ecosystem, which will in turn better inform Drive Electric in our mission to be highly effective e-mobility advocates and change-makers.


Our members represent the full spectrum of the electric vehicle ecosystem in NZ. By supporting Drive Electric, these companies are helping to create a more sustainable transport future for New Zealand. If you have valuable insight, or want to become part of the movement, become a member today.


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