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As more people choose to own Electric Vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand, it’s important for drivers to understand how and where to access reliable, efficient, EV-specific repair and maintenance services.

In this EV resource, the Drive Electric team explores some of the challenges and considerations involved in repairing and maintaining your electric car in NZ.

Why are EV repairs different from regular cars?

The main difference between EVs and petrol or diesel cars (ICEVs)vehicles is how they are powered. EVs are powered with an electric motor and inverter rather than an internal combustion engine, their internal components are radically different to ICEVs. These components require specialised knowledge and training for vehicle mechanics.
Repairing and maintaining EVs also requires a selection of different specialised tools and equipment, such as battery diagnostic tools, high voltage gloves, and specialised charging equipment.

While the infrastructure for repairing EVs in New Zealand is still in its early stages, many repair shops and service centres are already equipped to service your EV!

How do I find a qualified mechanic to repair my electric vehicle in NZ?

A growing number of technicians are becoming certified to work on EVs. These services offer general repairs for all types of EVs and brand-specific services for popular EV models. Volkswagen NZ, for example, sent a mechanic from each of their nationwide workshops to Europe for high-level specialised training courses before their EV range even landed in New Zealand!

In fact, New Zealand Has established its own EV training and certification program, the ‘EV Engineering Certification Programme (EVECP). This program was established to ensure technicians have the knowledge and skills to repair and maintain electric vehicles safely and effectively.


EV specialised repair services in New Zealand?

A well-known specialised repair service is EV Central. They service all EV types, and offer pre-purchase inspections for EV buyers and regular maintenance services.

Another specialised repair service is EVolution, which offers similar services. They also provide training and education for EV owners!

In addition to these general EV repair services, brand-specific services are available in New Zealand. For example, Tesla has multiple service centres nationwide which provide repairs and maintenance services specifically for Tesla owners. BMW has an iPerformance network in New Zealand as well.


Check out the list below to find a service centre for your EV

How do I get replacement parts for my EV in New Zealand?

Another common concern for EV owners is the availability of replacement parts. Since EVs have a different set of components compared to traditional ICE vehicles, finding replacement parts can be a challenge. However, many EV manufacturers have established partnerships with local repair shops and service centres to ensure they have the necessary parts available for repair and maintenance.


What if my EV tyre goes flat?

Due to weight restrictions and space limitations, many new EVs do not come with a spare tyre. Instead, they often come with a tyre repair kit or a sealant that can temporarily fix a flat tyre. This is definitely an adjustment for lots of owners, and it’s common for people who have recently purchased an EV to get caught out! This is an example of the need for more education and awareness for not just mechanics, but EV drivers themselves.

If you currently own an EV or are considering buying one, learning how to use the repair kits will save you a lot of trouble if you’re dealing with a flat on the go!

 Luckily, EVs require less maintenance than ICEVs!

At the end of the day, one of the advantages of EVs is that they require less maintenance than ICEVs. This is because they have fewer moving parts, so there are less components to service or lubricate! Of course, you will still need to keep up with your WoFs and make sure your tyres are roadworthy.