Charging Network

The New Zealand Government, alongside several innovative private companies, has made substantial commitments to establishing a robust charging network across the country, to make electric vehicle charging locations accessible to all.

There are thousands of public electric vehicle charging stations across New Zealand. You can find them in public areas like supermarket car parks, shopping malls, campgrounds, tourist spots and beaches. Most major petrol companies have also installed EV chargers at many of their sites.

How much do public electric vehicle chargers cost to use?

The cost of public electric vehicle chargers across New Zealand varies. Most rapid charging stations cost about $10 per 100km. The charge time to 80% from ’empty’ is about 20-30 minutes, depending on the car, as opposed to roughly eight hours for a conventional slow charge at home.

Standard chargers can take several hours, but they are usually free to use.


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Tips for using a rapid EV charger

  • Most fast charging stations will have the standard charging cable and plugs already for EV owners to use. Standard chargers usually require you to bring your own cable.
  • You just attach the cable to your charging port, enter payment to the station and wait for your car to charge.
  • Some fast charging stations, like those installed by Chargenet, have apps and other features to allow ease of payment with a registered account.
  • Don’t use fast chargers all the time; it could wear your battery down.
  • If you’re in a hurry, just charge to 80%. The last 20% of the battery takes longer to charge.
  • Many plug-in hybrid EVs can’t use fast chargers. For these cars, you can still use the slower public chargers.