Driving the dream – with clean, green renewable energy

Drive Electric is a not-for-profit with one goal – making electric vehicle ownership in New Zealand mainstream.

Not just because it’s the right thing to do – and it is, for the sake of our future and our children’s future – but because it makes sense. The technology and the infrastructure are here, right now.

It’s never been more sensible or affordable to drive electric than here in New Zealand, where 80% of our electricity is generated from renewable resources.

Why NZ should be driving electric

New Zealand is lagging behind and we shouldn’t be. We could make a great business case for adopting electric mobility nationwide, with benefits for individuals, companies and the country.

What are these benefits?

  • As a country, we’d spend far less on oil imports becoming energy independent
  • Our cities and motorways will be quiet and free of exhaust emissions – health benefits for children, pedestrians, cyclists and everyone else.
  • Consistent with our ‘100% Pure’ Kiwi image
  • Attractive to tourists
  • A great card to play in climate negotiations
  • Create new skill sets and opportunities for growth

Removing the barriers to electric driving

We have one aim – getting more EV’s driving on NZ roads. Here’s how we do that.

Spreading the word, and the experience

PlugIn is all about education. We want to dispel the myths and misconceptions about electric driving, and to give people the actual experience of driving an EV.

Creating a common goal

As a result of our successful Roundtable in 2014, Drive Electric will work collaboratively with executives from automotive and electricity industries and their government counterparts to create a roadmap with shared goals to the Government Stimulus Package. This roadmap will provide initiatives and clear steps to get us there.

Where we came from and what we’ve done

In support of the Government’s goal of increasing the number of EVs 64,000 by 2021, Drive Electric has amended our membership categories to encourage more industry participation, and allocated more resources to marketing and events.

Since incorporation 2011 – as the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV), Drive Electric Has:

  • Received seed funding for establishment from efu Investments – the Fukutake family.
  • Hosted a 2014 Ministerial Roundtable with wide-industry participation.
  • Rebranded from APEV to Drive Electric and developed a new strategic plan.
  • Created EVolocity Limited, an educational project to drive kiwi innovation for electric vehicles via tertiary sector.
  • Hosted a PlugIn Fleet Day in 2014, attracting plenty of corporate interest.
  • Assisted in the preparation of a ‘Renewable Highway’ scoping study for members, Mighty River Power, Contact Energy and ENA Lines companies.
  • Sold EVolocity to former Drive Electric Executive Director and passionate EV enthusiast, Rob Mcewen.
  • Developed working relationships with government agencies and industry groups
  • Successfully contributed to the Government’s stimulus package, resulting in the announcement of multiple EV incentives.

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