Drive Electric has one goal – making electric vehicle adoption and ownership mainstream in New Zealand. The benefits of adopting electric mobility nationwide apply to individuals, companies, and to our country as a whole, and education is the key to achieving our goal. We want to dispel the myths and misconceptions about electric driving by providing accurate, useful and easily digestible information about EVs and EV-related topics.

In 2016 we surveyed our members and our wider community to find out what EV-related topics people were most interested in, and what information they felt was most needed to achieve more EVs on New Zealand roads.

In May 2017, Drive Electric, in partnership with ABB and ChargeNet NZ, presented the first in a series of Whitepapers to our members; Charging Ahead: New Zealand’s EV Commercial Charging Infrastructure. In June, in conjunction with Powerco and Meridian Energy, we presented our second White Paper; Peak Pressure: What Challenges do Electric Vehicles Pose to New Zealand’s Electricity Grid? In October, with Audi and Arup, we presented the third; Autonomous Vehicles: The Road to a Driverless Future.

We welcome feedback as always and look forward to presenting our community with further Whitepapers in 2019. For further information contact

Mark Gilbert
Chair, Drive Electric Inc.

Whitepaper Five

Making the move: How Some of New Zealand’s Leading Organisations Have Gone Electric

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Summary Paper

Reporting Back: New Zealand insights from the 2019 Nordic EV Summit

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Whitepaper Four

Building an Electric Fleet:
A ‘How-to’ Guide for Businesses Considering Transitioning to Electric Vehicles

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Whitepaper Three

Autonomous Vehicles:
The road to a driverless future

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Whitepaper Two

Peak Pressure:
What challenges do electric vehicles pose to New Zealand’s electricity grid?

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Whitepaper One

Charging Ahead:
New Zealand’s EV Commercial Charging Infrastructure.

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