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Vicki Buck, Deputy Mayor of Christchurch, outlines her vision for Christchurch and what could make it A Great Place to Be.

What is your vision for Christchurch?

“Anything is possible – In amongst a speedier rebuild and sorting the city’s financials, I’d like us to retain that sense of innovation and the feeling that anything is possible. Always people are the most important asset in a city and we need to make sure everyone feels they can use their talent and loves living here. The whole innovation ecosystem is really important and the city needs to be a fun, lively place to be.

Real care of the environment – The environment matters hugely, economically as well as every other way. Our beaches, drinking water, air, lakes ,great transport options, alongside our ability to produce food is so important. Am very keen that Christchurch takes a strong lead on electric vehicles.

Our kids and our social values – I think our social values matter a lot too. I see the city as being a place where every child is given the chance to be all they want to be. It is one of the reasons  I put such a high value on housing which is the predominant predictor of health and education outcomes.”

What are you doing to help achieve that vision?

“Trying to ensure that we have a vibrant expanding innovation system so that entrepreneurship and ideas can flourish. Keeping the fun and excitement in the city.

Ensuring we take a lead role on electric vehicles, and other important environmental issues – from cycleways to cleaning the Heathcote. Working on ensuring the councils social housing is sustainable.”

What is your call to action?

“One of the most awesome things about this city is the people . And it’s been such a privilege seeing the incredible things people are doing everywhere . Sometimes way beyond what they even thought was possible. This incredible collective energy is transforming the city.”

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