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According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Organisation, the Drive Electric plug-in fleet day earlier this year was a great success with 95% of attendees ‘more likely’ to consider electric vehicles (EVs) for their fleet. At the event, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) demonstrated an online tool for comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of fleet vehicles.

This tool has now been fully developed and is now available online:

The vehicle total cost of ownership tool allows you to compare the total cost of owning and running electric, plug-in hybrid, petrol or diesel cars, and you can customise the calculations to reflect your input costs and use patterns.  The results can then be printed or emailed as a pdf.

Alongside the TCO tool development, EECA commissioned a report to assess the life-cycle impacts of an electric vehicle compared to petrol and diesel engine vehicles, in New Zealand. 

In the next few weeks EECA will publish a full report on the life-cycle-impacts of electric vehicles.  Some of the main findings were released by Minister Bridges at the Transport Fuels and Fleet Management Summit on 21 October. The report found electric vehicles are better for the environment and use less energy than petrol or diesel powered cars. Across their whole life – from resource extraction and manufacturing to driving and end-of-life – electric vehicles have 60 per cent fewer CO2 emissions than petrol vehicles. And, because of New Zealand’s high renewable electricity generation, they have 80 per cent fewer CO2 emissions compared with petrol vehicles when driving in New Zealand as a result of our high proportion of renewable electricity generation.

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