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Eric Pyle presented at the Climate Change and business conference in Auckland at the end of October,  Coincidently, Mark Gilbert, Drive Electric’s Chairman, spoke at the Fuels and Fleets Conference at exactly the same time.  

Transport is the main source of New Zealand’s CO2  emissions.  The climate change conference was very interested in EV.  We have come a long way in our conversation about climate change over the last decade.  Gone are the debates about how serious climate change is or how much we should worry about it.  The debate now is what to do to reduce emissions.  And for New Zealand the electrification of transport is the best thing we can do to reduce our CO2 emissions.  The real issue is CO2 not methane from animals, but that is a different story.

EVs featured highly in the Fuels and Fleets conference.  Mark Gilbert featured in two panels focused on EV.  What was surprising was that the majority of people attending the conference had driven an EV.  Now we need to get them owning an EV!

At the fuels and fleet conference EECA launched its total cost of ownership model.  What this does is estimates the total cost of various vehicles, such as an EV or a petrol vehicle.  The upshot is that if you drive more than 18,000 km/year, a new EV is the car for you from a cost perspective.  For second hand EV imports that number is a lot less.  

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