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Press release

6th April 2023

Drive Electric releases its election manifesto and calls on political parties to embrace e-mobility so we can save money and reduce emissions

Thursday 6th April, AUCKLAND: A year on from the introduction of the full Clean Car Discount, Drive Electric is calling on parties to do more to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to clean transport, says Drive Electric Chair Mark Gilbert.

Since the Clean Car Discount was introduced, EV and hybrids have grown to over a third of new registrations, already saving the country over $100m a year in fuel. The vehicles already registered will save two million tonnes of greenhouse emissions over the lifetime of those vehicles.

“Moving to electric vehicles as quickly as possible is the right move for the environment and the economy. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to cut our greenhouse emissions, because it reduces the $9b a year New Zealand spends importing oil products from overseas,” said Mr. Gilbert.

“Drive Electric’s election manifesto calls on political parties to push forward with more bold policies for the decarbonisation of transport. While EV registrations have picked up dramatically, they still only comprise less than 2 per cent of the fleet. There’s much more to be done.

“Firstly, we need to learn from what’s worked and keep those policies going. New Zealanders want practical policies that actually reduce emissions and reduce their costs, and the policies in place around EVs are starting to do that job. By a margin of five to one, Kiwis say they are concerned about climate change and want the government to help people convert to less polluting vehicles.

“Secondly, we have got to invest in private and public charging infrastructure in New Zealand. There are a range of companies in the market wanting to invest, but there are barriers that need to be addressed immediately.

“Finding sites to install charging stations is a challenge, and it can be prohibitive to connect to the network under current settings. If New Zealand wants to have an electric future – we need regulation that enables that future.

“Finally, the move to electric is about more than cars, let’s get those who want to onto e-bikes and e-scooters, and let’s ensure our bus services are electric, our ferries and our commercial vehicles. We need well thought through and innovative plans around all these things.

“The last year has seen New Zealand go from a laggard in EV adoption to a world leader. This election is a chance to go further and reduce emissions and save money. So, let’s take it,’ said Mr. Gilbert.


About Drive Electric

Drive Electric is a not-for-profit membership organisation with one goal – Mainstreaming e-mobility to support New Zealand’s low-carbon future.

We were established in 2011, and since then have become the leading voice on e-mobility uptake in New Zealand. We are an independent, apolitical voice which is energy agnostic.

Drive Electric has a membership of over seventy leading organisations representing the convergence of the e-mobility ecosystem: finance, automotive, infrastructure, energy and government. Our membership includes AA, ABB NZ, ADNZ, Arup, Ateco, Audi, Autolink, Baker Tilly Staples Rodway, Bentley, BMW NZ, BNZ, Boost Auto, BP, Baker Tilly Staples Rodway, BYD, ChargeNet NZ, Chargemaster, Citroen, Cupra, Custom Fleet, Critchlow Geospatial, Directtrack, Driveline, EECA, EO Charging, Eurotec, Evnex, EV Maritime, EWI Energy, FleetPartners, Fleetcor, Ford, Fullers, Genesis, Giltrap Group, Go Rentals, GVI Electric, Gyro Plastics, Greenhouse Capital, Hyundai, IntDevice, J W Group, Jaguar, Jet Charge, Jump Charging, Jolt Charging, Kings Plant Barn, Lamborghini, Land Rover, LDV, LeasePlan, Lexus, Mercury, Meridian Energy, Mevo, Mini, Ola Electric, Opti Fleet, Orion, Orix, Polestar, Peugeot, Penrose Motors, Porsche, PowerCo, Reliance Transport, Renault, Retyna, Seachange, SG Fleet, Singer Electrical, Skoda, Shape Group, Smartrak, Spartan, STILL, Subaru of NZ, Tesla, THL, Thundergrid, Toyota, Valvoline, Vector, VIA, Volvo, Volkswagen, Wallbox, Westpac NZ, Whites Powersports, We.EV, YHI, Z Energy, Zilch and Zurich Insurance.

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