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NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards

By 28 November 2017March 14th, 2022No Comments
Congratulations to all finalists of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards!

Special mention to our member organisations that are finalists:

  • Dee and Steve West of ChargeNet are finalists for the Sustainability Superstar Award
    Dee and Steve have been amazing ambassadors for EVs in New Zealand for many years now. Not only have they rolled out a nationwide network of fast chargers, but they have also founded the Better NZ Trust, sponsored New Zealand’s first EV expo in September this year, and generously lent out their time, money and personal fleet of EVs for conferences, events and promotional tours. Steve also gives his time to Drive Electric as a valued Board Member.ChargeNet New Zealand is also finalists in the Partnering for Good, Smarter Transport and Revolutionising Energy categories.
  • Meridian Energy is a finalist for the Communicating for Change Award
    Meridian believes electric vehicles are a significant opportunity to reduce fossil fuel use, and increase clean energy consumption. The company launched an integrated marketing communications campaign to raise awareness about EVs and their benefits.Meridian is committed to converting 50% of its passenger fleet to EVs by mid-2018 and supporting the wider uptake of EVs. The company has launched an integrated marketing campaign focused on raising awareness about the benefits of EVs in reducing New Zealand’s consumption of fossil fuel. The campaign involved a TV commercial, billboard advertising, media engagement and social media campaign. The campaign reached a significant number of people, with almost three million people reached through online advertising alone.Claire Shaw, Head of Corporate Communications at Meridian, also generously gives her time to Drive Electric as a Board Member.
  • Westpac is a finalist for the Hardwired for Social Good Award
  • Waste Management is a finalist for the Smarter Transport Award

To read the stories of all the finalists, visit the Sustainable Business Network’s Website.