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Standards NZ has developed SNZ PAS 6011:2021 for residential charging infrastructure for EVs. This PAS was funded by EECA to ensure the motoring public had access to guidelines for safe installations of residential charging infrastructure for EVs.

Drive Electric was a member of the technical advisory group and our Safety & Regulation Working Group formed a robust submission canvassing our member organisations input which assisted with the final developed PAS. Drive Electric encourages you to download SNZ PAS 6011:2021 and use it when discussing with customers what they need for a home charging installation for their EV.

Click here to download the PAS.

This PAS covers key aspects that equipment installers need to consider, prior to the installation of an EV charger in a residential environment.

What EECA want people to know about EV chargers for residential use:

  • Stay safe: A dedicated home charger is both safer for home use and energy efficient
  • Smarter charging: A smart charger can receive a signal from your electricity supplier to charge when costs to you are lowest
  • Get greater flexibility: In future, you’ll be able to enjoy better flexibility and the potential to lower your energy cost using smart devices like your EV smart charger.

For any questions, please contact Standards NZ by email: