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In 2016 we will see a roll out of charging infrastructure across New Zealand. Beginning at the end of 2015, it will get underway in earnest in 2016 – Thanks to Vector, Charge Net, Z and a number of lines companies etc.

The Government will announce an EV package at some stage in 2016. Drive Electric in a partnership approach, will prepare a national roadmap and also council together with local communities etc to start developing regional roadmaps.

There will be a number of significant EV events. A conference focusing on fleets and charging infrastructure (15th March, Auckland), a symposium focused on policy and local government (middle of the year, Wellington), a national EV road trip in the first half of the year, EVolocity, as well as numerous other activities up and down the country.

There will be numerous challenges to overcome, such as the availability of new EV, but globally the industry is now growing rapidly. Particularly in New Zealand, the number of EV have doubled over the year – we are on the way!

From the Board of Drive Electric and from me, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

– Eric Pyle