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By Ben Coxworth.

Tesla recently did it to much acclaim, and now Daimler is doing it too – the German automotive corporation is launching its own home/business battery energy storage system. Developed by Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive, the Mercedes-Benz energy storage unit utilizes lithium-ion batteries to store energy generated by solar cells, wind turbines or other sources.

Utilizing technology that was originally developed for use in Mercedes and smart hybrid/electric cars, the battery modules will be available in two versions – a 2.5-kWh model for homes, and a 5.9-kWh model for industrial use. Up to eight 2.5 kWh modules can be linked together to form a 20 kWh energy storage unit for use by businesses.

The 5.9 kWh model is also scalable making it suitable for commercial and industrial use. In fact, as part of the Coulomb joint venture, project partners The Mobility House and GETEC Energie are using 96 of the modules to provide grid stabilization and to smooth out load peaks in the German town of Kamenz. The system currently has a combined capacity of over 500 kWh, and plans call for that to be boosted to 3,000 kWh within the next few weeks.

Daimler is now establishing sales and distribution networks, both in Germany and internationally. Mercedes-Benz energy storage units can be ordered starting this month, with shipping scheduled to begin in the fall (Northern Hemisphere). There is currently no word on pricing.

via – gizmag

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