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Meet the Fleet – SHAPE

by Drive Electric | Apr 5, 2023 | Commercial Case Study

Meet the Fleet – SHAPE

Who is the SHAPE Group?

SHAPE was formed to build an integrated infrastructure services business specialising in a full-service range including design, build, operate, finance, and maintain contracts in all of the markets we operate. As of 2022 we have three main business units SHAPE Energy, SHAPE Technology, and SHAPE Projects.
SHAPE Energy specialises in compressed air, power generation, industrial compressed gases, and renewable energy systems. These vital utilities are delivered in innovative new ways that reduce the environmental impact of more traditional models.
SHAPE Technology specialising in providing engineered IoT and wireless solutions through a fully integrated stack of hardware, data and software services allowing our customers to monitor, control and analyse their assets.
SHAPE Projects brings expert project management and consultancy to our clients, working with our team members across the group to deliver for their operational needs and guiding them toward clean and connected technologies.


Why electric and why now?

As we transitioned into the SHAPE Group brand from our precursor companies Nukor and Motiv through 2021, we decided it was time for a change and not to just meet expectations where they stand but to where they will be. This kind of thinking applies not only to our work and our products but to our internal processes and our fleet. SHAPE has begun the process of electrifying our fleet with a range of EVs for staff travelling on during than 50% of their workdays. This will expand to our technician fleet of Utes and Vans as this type of heavy-duty EV becomes available.


How many EVs are in the SHAPE Group fleet?

Currently we have 9 electric vehicles across our fleet, including fully electric and hybrid vehicles. This represents 56% of our fleet, with the remaining 7 vehicles being heavy duty vans and Utes where currently there are no suitable models. It is for this reason that we are eagerly awaiting the latest developments in larger scale EVs so that we can reach 100% electrification across our fleet.


How do SHAPE staff use the EV fleet?

Any of our staff have the ability to use the SHAPE fleet. Each of the electric vehicles we own is utilised as a pool vehicle so that EVs are used over personal vehicles. This communal approach to our EVs means that we are able to make the most out of a single vehicle. Anyone traveling for work is encouraged and able to use the most efficient and effective transport option. Additionally, these pool vehicles are used by key staff outside of work hours, so that the benefits of EVs are not locked to being inside of work hours.


How is the SHAPE Group EV transition going?

Our current fleet is serving us quite well, as we have fully electrified our existing small vehicles, though we will look to swap our hybrid models out for fully electric vehicles as their time for replacement comes. Additionally, we are definitely keeping an eye on the EV Ute space. We can see that technology is evolving rapidly in this space and we wish to be on the forefront of the transition for heavy vehicles into electrification. As a company that specialise in efficient energy solutions, we feel that it is important to show our clients how they can benefit from moving to electric vehicles and believe that the most effective way is to show them by putting our money where our mouth is and embracing the transition.


How are the EVs primarily charged?

Thanks to SHAPE Group’s partnership with ABB, we have been able to install charging stations at multiple locations. SHAPE Energy’s offices have EV charging stations available, and our team members who use the vehicles outside of work hours have stations installed at their homes. Having EV chargers deployed throughout our business does not only benefit our fleet, as it allows our staff to charge their personal vehicles while at work and allow the same for our client’s vehicles when they visit our premises.


Any tips or advice for businesses thinking about electrifying their fleets?

Commitment and more practically accessibility to EVs is where SHAPE Group believes the key to an effective electric fleet lies. The more staff that have access to an EV the better, but it is important that the right infrastructure be in place to support those EVs. That is where our expertise in the field of field can help. Surety of electricity supply for your business, and the right charging equipment is a must for businesses looking to transition to an electric fleet. The beauty of this infrastructure lies in how it can also benefit your business outside of just the fleet. Good energy infrastructure will not only allow you to keep your vehicles running optimally, but it will also keep your business operating through disruptions to the power grid that could otherwise shut down your operations for a period. Our advice is to think of your power utilities as a whole, not just in terms of your fleet, to ensure that the environmental, cost, and operational advantages of electrification can affect your whole organisation.