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Meet the Fleet – ZERO

by Drive Electric | Mar 17, 2023 | Commercial Case Study

Meet the Fleet – ZERO

Discover ZERO, the EV charging network brought to you by Meridian Energy!

Meridian Energy has been at the forefront of supporting clean energy in New Zealand for decades. As New Zealand’s largest electricity generator, they have had a massive impact on emissions reductions nationwide by generating energy from 100% renewable sources – wind, water and sun.

Meridian has also made extensive efforts to decarbonise their own operations – including transitioning their company fleet to electric vehicles. Meridian’s latest initiative, Zero, is their next step in helping to decarbonise the public transport sector!

Zero is an EV charging network accessible to all EV drivers, whether you’re a Meridian customer or not, and is operated via a user-friendly app. The Zero charging network has a mix of AC and DC chargers installed across the country with more in the pipeline. Once completed, Zero will be one of the largest EV charging networks in New Zealand!


The Zero charging app

The Zero app has an interactive map that helps you quickly locate chargers in your area. The easy-to-read dashboard helps you keep tabs on your charging history and stats. The app makes the whole process of charging, from location through to payment, as easy and simple as possible.

Currently, some Zero chargers are free to use, with pricing being rolled out nationwide shortly.  Zero AC chargers require drivers to bring their own AC charging cable to connect.  If you don’t have an AC charging cable, everyone who signs up to Meridian’s EV Plan can choose either a free AC charging cable or a $200 power credit*.

By building the Zero network, Meridian Energy is helping to make electric vehicle charging more accessible for all New Zealanders. As always, we’re delighted to see Meridian Energy working towards a cleaner future for New Zealand!


*Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply