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Congratulations to Sigurd Magnusson who did a tremendous job organising to have a Tesla (courtesy Steve and Dee West) in Wellington for a few days. Let’s just say that the Tesla was very busy. Sig took a number of people for drives as did I. The tally goes something like this: 2 MPs, 3 mayors, 1 regional council chairman, 2 lines company CEOs, 1 lines company board member and many others.

Sig, with sponsorship from EV imports, organised a Leaf at the GO Green expo and names were collected for people wanting to test drive an EV. The Telsa was also at the Go Green expo.

The point is that we were able to demonstrate to a lot of people that EV are real, tangible and are arriving. They are not something that will occur in the future.

Many thanks to Steve and Dee West for the loan of the Tesla. Many thanks to Sig for organising the whole thing.

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