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Elon Musk and the Future of Green Energy

By Brandon Engel. Although anyone can easily point to the failures of green energy investments over the past decades, such as Solyndra, the green energy industry is fortunately not listening. In the United States last year, 45 percent of new power production came from... read more

Geraldine High School gears up to defend title

By Natasha Thyne. Geraldine High School students are gearing up to defend their title in EVolocity, but they might have some other local competition to contend with. Last year a team of students from Geraldine High School came home with a swag of awards at the... read more

Electric rubbish trucks on the cards for NZ

By Adrien Taylor. The Kiwi co-founder of Tesla says although the company has done wonders to change the public perception of electric cars, there are more gains in electrifying something a little less glamorous – rubbish trucks. It is not just for the environmental... read more

NZ Post tight-lipped on Postman Pat cars

By Lois Cairns. New Zealand Post is keeping quiet about when its electric delivery vehicles could be introduced into Christchurch, saying it does not want to create uncertainty for its workforce. The company fronted up to a meeting of the Christchurch City... read more

Council in NSW leads way

A council across the Tasman is pleased with the performance of electric vehicles (EVs) in its fleet. Chris Binns, manager of strategy and assets at the City of Sydney, was one of the keynote speakers at Drive Electric’s plug-in fleet day on April 30. He told Autofile... read more

Batteries included: Ambitious gambit by Tesla

By Juha Saarinen. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s latest house and business battery venture is an interesting but also very ambitious gambit. Most of the reporting has been on the Tesla Energy PowerWall 7 and 10 kilowatt-hour house batteries, but the... read more

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The founding purpose of Drive Electric is “to assist New Zealand to realise health, environmental and economic benefits via the accelerated and orderly market uptake of plug-in electric vehicles and associated infrastructure.”

Drive Electric will achieve its purpose through education campaigns and user experience events aimed at New Zealand businesses and the public. Alongside these activities, we will establish a working group between government and industry to create and promote a roadmap to ensure our purpose is achieved in a way that maximizes positive benefits for our members and New Zealand.

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