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Tesla just did something big in the car world

By Barry Ritholtz.   Tesla has rocked the world of high-performance automobiles with the introduction of its new “Ludicrous mode.” The internal-combustion engine business may never be the same. Regular readers of mine usually know at least two things... read more

Zero-emissions London double decker buses en route

By Cecily Liu. Chinese automotive manufacturer BYD has designed and built the world’s first pure electric zero-emission double-decker bus, which will enter service in London in October. London’s red double-decker buses have for years dominated the capital,... read more

Vector: Auckland’s electric car future

Take a good look at what will be a more common sight in the next year – Aucklanders charging electric vehicles at 35 Vector charging stations round the city. Two free public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations already at the headquarters of the... read more

For a healthier and more prosperous future for all of New Zealand!


The founding purpose of Drive Electric is “to assist New Zealand to realise health, environmental and economic benefits via the accelerated and orderly market uptake of plug-in electric vehicles and associated infrastructure.”

Drive Electric will achieve its purpose through education campaigns and user experience events aimed at New Zealand businesses and the public. Alongside these activities, we will establish a working group between government and industry to create and promote a roadmap to ensure our purpose is achieved in a way that maximizes positive benefits for our members and New Zealand.

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