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Why Cheap Gas Isn’t Bad News for Electric Cars

-via Slate.com With gasoline prices falling sharply, consumers are reverting to mean behavior: They’re buying gas-guzzlers. The No. 1 seller in December was a pick-up truck, the Ford F-150, which sold 85,211 units—a 10-year high. According to Michael Sivak and Brandon... read more

Market for electric vehicles is ready to explode

-Via Ecomento.com A report from research firm IDTechEx entitled Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2016-2026 says the market for electric vehicles is set to explode over the next 10 years, creating nearly a half trillion dollars worth of new business... read more

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The founding purpose of Drive Electric is “to assist New Zealand to realise health, environmental and economic benefits via the accelerated and orderly market uptake of plug-in electric vehicles and associated infrastructure.”

Drive Electric will achieve its purpose through education campaigns and user experience events aimed at New Zealand businesses and the public. Alongside these activities, we will establish a working group between government and industry to create and promote a roadmap to ensure our purpose is achieved in a way that maximizes positive benefits for our members and New Zealand.

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