Strategy Refresh 2020

Drive Electric Strategy Refresh & Working Groups:

Each year the Drive Electric board refreshes the Drive Electric Strategy. The 2020 strategy includes widening the vision and focus to include more forms of e-mobility, building on our trusted brand to lift Drive Electric’s role as an influencing body, and increasing the capacity of delivery through the establishment of focused Working Groups.

You can read more here about the refreshed 2020 Drive Electric strategy. The creation of focused Working Groups represent a fundamental and exciting change to the way Drive Electric will operate going forward

Member Opportunity to Participate – Drive Electric Working Groups

There are six Working Groups, each led by a Drive Electric Board Member. Each topic was selected on the basis that Drive Electric has a genuine ability to influence and affect outcomes:


  • EV Policy – led by Eric Pellicer 
  • International Markets & Trends – led by Dean Sheed
  • Safety & Regulation – lead by Ewan Morris
  • Commercial Decision-Making – led by Michelle Herlihy
  • EV Availability & Social Acceptability – led by Tim Calder
  • Health & Environmental Transparency – led by Duncan Stewart

Seeking Members

Drive Electric is actively seeking members (and non-members) who have special expertise, experience or interest in any of these six key areas. By proactively working with members, Drive Electric can better leverage the skills and experience of our members, influence a broader group of stakeholders.

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