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Press release
31 March 2022

Drive Electric release new website for EV buyers, as Clean Car Programme launched on 1 April

Thursday 31 March, AUCKLAND: As the demand for Electric Vehicles surges ahead of the full Clean Car Programme launch on 1 April, Drive Electric has introduced a new website enabling users to search and compare all new EVs on the market.

Drive Electric Chair Mark Gilbert says, “In New Zealand right now there are more than 70 models of new EVs available, and we expect the arrival of more over the coming 12 months. New Zealand has also already seen the arrival of its first electric Ute, by LDV.

“EV registrations are up 55 per cent over the last year. And every day more New Zealanders are considering the shift to EV. EVs can be fuelled for the equivalent of 30-40c per litre of petrol. Naturally, pure EVs produce no emissions. The shift makes sense.”

“The Government’s Clean Car Programme starts on 1 April, so we only expect demand to accelerate from there. Of the models on our website, more than 40 are eligible for the new incentive. Discounts on new zero-emissions vehicles can be up to $8,625 for new vehicles and $3,450 for used imports.”

“As more consumers explore e-mobility, we needed to enhance our website to really support that decision-making. For anyone in the market for a new or used electric vehicle, whether for home or business, our site is the place to visit.”

The new Drive Electric website provides, amongst new content:

  • A new filterable search tool for all available new EV models in New Zealand. This tool will allow consumers to discover and compare EV models that suit their budgets and lifestyle.
  • An industry directory of businesses within the e-mobility ecosystem.
  • A new e-mobility resources section to help people make informed decisions on every stage of the EV journey.

This project was supported by EECA. Andrew Caseley, CEO of EECA, says, “We are delighted to support Drive Electric with the development of this new EV resource. It is very complementary to our priorities at EECA and in particular encouraging the adoption of low emissions vehicles.

“Transport makes up around half of the country’s energy-related emissions, and EVs will be a key ingredient in tackling this. It is clear that as EV technology continues to advance with cars themselves, at home charging, and public charging infrastructure, they will only become an increasingly attractive driver option from a cost and ease perspective too. “



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For more information, contact:

Drive Electric Chairman, Mark Gilbert, 021 972 244


About Drive Electric

Drive Electric is a not-for-profit membership organisation with one goal – mainstreaming e-mobility to support New Zealand’s low-carbon future.

We were established in 2011, and since then have become the leading voice on e-mobility uptake in New Zealand. We are an independent, apolitical voice which is energy agnostic.

Drive Electric has a membership of over fifty leading organisations representing the convergence of the e-mobility ecosystem: finance, automotive, infrastructure, energy and government.