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Press release 
6th July 2021 


Tuesday 6th July, AUCKLAND: “Drive Electric welcomes the extension of the exemption on Road User Charges (RUCs) for electric vehicles until 31 March 2024. This policy has been in place since the previous Government and it makes good sense to extend it to support the uptake of EVs.

“This extension will save EV drivers around $800 per year. While the Clean Car Discount applies to EVs bought after 1 July, the RUC exemption applies to all owners of EVs.

“EVs are becoming more and more affordable in New Zealand to buy and to run. Since the Clean Car Discount began on 1 July, we understand hundreds of EVs have already been registered.

“EVs can be fuelled at home for the equivalent of 30-40 cents a litre. New Zealanders in the market for a new or secondhand car should consider that the costs of owning an electric vehicle are lower than a petrol equivalent.

“Drive Electric has advocated for a short-term exension. However, as EVs inevitably become a larger share of our national fleet, we will need to consider how we fund future roads and maintenance. Therefore we support the extension being temporary, and can be re-assessed as necessary.”

For more information, contact:
Drive Electric Chairman,
Mark Gilbert
021 972 244