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Media release 
1st February 2021 


Monday 1st February, AUCKLAND: Drive Electric, the not-for-profit with one mission – making electric vehicle ownership in New Zealand mainstream, welcomes the release of the Climate Change Commission’s advice for consultation and its focus on transport.

Mark Gilbert, Chair of Drive Electric says, “What’s exciting about the draft advice is that it shows, while enormously challenging, there is a pathway for New Zealand to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. There will be many benefits in doing this, including more native forests, cleaner cities, better public transport, new transport technologies, and opportunities for business and jobs.”

“The draft advice from the Commission clearly shows that largely decarbonising transport by 2050 is an essential part of reaching New Zealand’s net-zero target. This is particularly true if we want to maintain a net-zero emissions future post 2050. A rapid increase in the number of EVs on our roads, alongside increases in active and public transport, will be required. This is a major challenge, but I know it is one that we are up for.

“The Commission calls for a ban on the import of fossil fuel vehicles between 2030 and 2035, a position with which we agree. The Commission says that if Aotearoa is to achieve a low emissions vehicle fleet by 2050, all light vehicles entering the country must have low emissions by 2035. Importantly, the advice also calls for a range of policies to support this objective, and necessary investments in transport and charging infrastructure.

“The advice confirms that the Government’s announcement to introduce a Clean Car Import Standard, last week, is one of the mechanisms needed to reduce emissions from our cars, amongst others.

“The advice also recognises that there are equity considerations in this transition, and we must think through these issues to ensure fairness of access to transport, including to avoid inadvertently incentivising people to hold onto older cars.

“Our view continues to be that a coordinated plan, between government and industry, will best allow for this generational transition in how we choose to move around our cities and towns.

“We congratulate the Commission on this well-researched and considered piece of work. It provides hope, and the basis for further debate about how we will reach net-zero emissions by the country. Drive Electric and its members will now be engaging in the detail, and providing a submission to the consultation.”

For more information, contact:

Drive Electric Chairman, Mark Gilbert, 021 972 244