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Exciting Strategic Changes for Drive Electric

By 19 June 2015September 7th, 2016No Comments

As a result of some solid strategic focus on the future of EVs in New Zealand and the future for Drive Electric, we have progressed two important initiatives.

Firstly, the Board, working closely with Rob McEwen (the Executive Director of EVolocity), are pleased to announce that EVolocity has now been 100% acquired by Rob McEwen. This decision will enable EVolocity to focus on its project learning and community projects and progress its EV competitions, demonstrations, workshops and EV festivals. We wish Rob all the best and look forward to staying close as two national leadership organisations in the emerging EV industry.

Secondly, in May, as a follow on from the development of the operational model presented at the last AGM, the Board completed a strategic planning process for Drive Electric and designed a 3-year Strategic Plan. We have included below a few outputs from the Plan, which will be discussed in more detail at the next AGM – scheduled for:

Thursday 17 September 2015
ABB, 570 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1062

Note: two life membership awards to be made at the conclusion of the AGM, followed by drinks and finger food.

With a longer term view:

• Our vision is that by 2025 New Zealand is enjoying the health, environmental and economic benefits of a transport fleet powered by an ultra-low greenhouse gas emissions energy system.
• Our overarching values are: Enablers, Bold, Agile, Transparent, Best for New Zealand

Looking to the immediate term of the next three years, our current purpose is to accelerate electric vehicle uptake. The context for this purpose is set out below:


Our vision during the next three year period to 2018 is that the EV industry in New Zealand grows significantly which is evidenced by EV infrastructure visibility, a change in the corporate and fleet mindset towards EVs, a material increase in EV market choice, a high number of EVs registered in NZ and Drive Electric playing key role in this growth as the most credible and recognised go-to industry body for EVs in NZ.

With this all in mind, our areas of strategic focus include EV infrastructure, increased education of the fleet market (website upgrade, fleet days etc.), assistance with increasing supply to the NZ market, deeper member, industry and government engagement and a stronger and more sustainable business model for Drive Electric into the future.

There is a lot more content behind the above material but to keep this newsletter short, we have condensed it for you. You will see the results in the coming months and we welcome your feedback.

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