Drive Electric EV Policy Discussion Document July 2020

Over the past four months, the Drive Electric Policy Working Group (DEPWG*) has collaborated with the Drive Electric Board, Drive Electric members and key external experts (including Dr Paul Winton, Shamubeel Eaqub, James Walker and others) to develop a policy document for Drive Electric to start the important conversation with the New Zealand Government, politicians and key influencers.

This document sets out why New Zealand should prioritise e-mobility as well as the five key policy platforms, as determined by our working group, to make this transition.

To realise a future which embraces e-mobility, Drive Electric has set out five key policy platforms for the next Government to act on. These are

1. Develop a bi-partisan pathway for the transport sector to deliver New Zealand’s climate change objectives
2. Encourage businesses to purchase EVs for their fleets
3. Government fleets to demonstrate leadership on EV use
4. Make New Zealand a globally attractive market for EVs
5. Encourage New Zealanders to move to EVs

The paper highlights that to meet New Zealand’s climate ambitions, we will need to see at least 250,000 new EVs on the roads by 2025, and for this trend to continue through to 2030. Active and public transport will also form an important part of a future transport system that is safe, healthy, accessible, resilient and decarbonised.

Our aim is to achieve this by suggesting a new motor industry and e-mobility plan for New Zealand, taking into consideration the impacts of EU regulations in particular, and agreeing the pathway to decarbonising the New Zealand fleet.

Drive Electric seeks to drive policy discussions leading up to the election and can be incorporated in the policy platform of the next Government. We represent the complete e-mobility ecosystem and are committed to support the elected government and agencies to make this transition happen.

Drive Electric is focused on working together with industry and Government to build an exciting, decarbonised future for all of NZ.

*Policy Working Group members include:

Eric Pellicer (Powerco, PWG Chairman), Michelle Herlihy (Custom Fleet), Dean Sheed (Audi NZ), Matthew Bailey (efu Investments), Cristiano Marantes (formerly Vector Powersmart), Mark Gilbert (Drive Electric Chairman), Simon Toung (Canadian EV policy professional), Dr. Paul Winton (1Point5 Project), Shamubeel Eaqub (Sense Partners), Hannah Henderson (Drive Electric), Duncan Stewart (EnviroStrat).

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