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Meet the Fleet – Polestar

by Drive Electric | Oct 28, 2021 | Commercial Case Study

Meet the Fleet – Polestar

We are proud to welcome dedicated EV performance brand Polestar, one of our trusted Drive Electric members, to the New Zealand auto market! Here’s what you need to know about the premium brand ahead of their highly anticipated arrival in late 2021.

Founded by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding, Polestar shares several key technological and engineering synergies with Volvo while making their own breakthroughs in electric performance technologies. The brand is based in Sweden and has gained immense popularity among discerning buyers in 14 global markets across Europe, America and China. New Zealanders will be able to experience these innovative premium vehicles for themselves in the very near future!

The Polestar 2 range has received rave reviews for good reason. The Polestar 2 Long-Range Single Motor Model has a driving range of up to 540km, and the dual motor features a 300kW, 660 Nm powertrain. Each all-electric fastback model boasts high-quality, premium components, a sleek, avant-garde design and the luxury driving experience that Polestar has been praised for. Android Integration and Google built-in help Polestar excel in the driving technology sphere, and development updates can be deployed via Over-The-Air functionality without you ever having to set foot in a workshop. Customisable Performance Packs are available for the Long Range Dual Motor Model, including adjustable Öhlins dampers, Brembo brakes, forged 20-inch alloy wheels and signature ‘Swedish gold’ details inside and out.

Brand integrity and tangible positive environmental outcomes for Polestar. In April 2021, they announced the important goal of creating a truly climate-neutral car by 2030. Polestar also publishes extensive research on the lifetime carbon footprints of their range and are fully transparent about all emissions right from the sourcing of raw materials through to end-of-life. Their studies show that the lifetime environmental impact of their all-electric fastback can be halved if the car is charged with renewable energy, meaning New Zealand will be able to harness the full benefits of Polestar!

Bruce Fowler, Brand Manager of Polestar New Zealand, says, “Polestar is a truly exciting addition to the mobility landscape in New Zealand, and we are delighted that two of the three Polestar 2 models are eligible for the full $8,625 Clean Car Discount. Across the range, Polestar 2 delivers a standard-setting level of quality, safety, performance and zero-emission driving enjoyment; now we can confirm its great value for New Zealand customers.”

“I believe that as a dedicated EV brand, Polestar is a true challenger to the industry, and Giltrap Group is super excited to be the official representative of Polestar in New Zealand. There is no doubt that a car like the Polestar 2 will establish itself as a market-leading, premium electric vehicle. The timing couldn’t be better, with the recent introduction of the government’s Clean Car Discount scheme.”

Giltrap Group, New Zealand’s leading auto retailer, with an impressive portfolio of premium mobility brands, will represent and distribute Polestar cars in NZ through a 100% digital process, complemented by a sleek physical retail ‘destination’ in Auckland.

In future, we can expect the arrival of the Polestar 3, an impressive performance SUV, along with the even more future-forward Precept. The Precept is a design study vehicle released in 2020 that is under development for future production. Precept showcases the brand’s future vision in terms of sustainability, digital technology and design.

We look forward to watching Giltrap Group, Bruce Fowler and the Polestar team disrupt the New Zealand auto industry, and to see these stunning premium cars on Kiwi roads!

Learn more about Polestar and contact the team here.