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Meet the Fleet – Smartrak

by Drive Electric | May 31, 2024 | Commercial Case Study

Meet the Fleet – Smartrak

We are excited to showcase corporate member Smartrak, an innovative leader in fleet management solutions!

Smartrak is passionate about sustainable transportation – the Australasian company is on a mission to help fleets reduce their emissions in ways that ensure operational capabilities are not adversely affected.

By bringing some innovative products to the market, Smartrak’s solutions deliver tangible value to any fleet, from those considering EV adoption to those who already have them onboard.

Smartrak is forecasting 50% of all new vehicle acquisitions in Australasia will be electric by 2030 and they’re here to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for fleets. It’s their belief that bringing on EVs shouldn’t be an additional admin burden or just another vehicle in the fleet; EVs are an asset with maximised utilisation, they have to work as hard as, or harder than, the ICE vehicles they replace.

Reducing fleet emissions

Smartrak has been working with fleets since 2006. By working with conventional fleets they’ve demonstrated the link between efficiency, improved productivity and reduced emissions – it’s all connected. But the real gains in emissions reduction are to be made with EVs, and that’s the focus of much of Smartrak’s R and D efforts.

Successful EV adoption

Smartrak knows successful EV adoption depends on three key steps:

1. Easy swaps

Using telematics to identify ICE vehicles that have operational profiles easily within the capability of an EV.

2. Maximising EV utilisation

Making EV battery data visible from anywhere eliminates range anxiety for drivers and gives fleet managers the confidence to allocate extra tasks to an EV that’s already out on the road. Making sure your EVs are fully utilised creates the business case to bring on more.

3. Measuring your results

Using automated emissions reporting tools will highlight your progress in reducing emissions to an international standard. So your stakeholders can see the results and be encouraged to go further.

Trans-Tasman collaboration

Born and based in Hamilton, Smartrak has grown into a Trans-Tasman organisation with a strong understanding of fleet operational environments in both Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. Having a physical presence in both countries means Smartrak is able to service its customer requirements properly from close proximity.

Smartrak’s sectors of particular interest are government agencies, councils, healthcare, education and utilities organisations. In Aotearoa New Zealand, its roster of customers includes Kaipara District Council, Plunket and Meridian Energy (Meridian has been spectacularly successful in transitioning all of it white fleet to EVs). In Australia, Ipswich City Council, Wannon Water, TasNetworks and Griffith University are representative of the customer mix.

Smartrak’s development roadmap

Defined by what customers want, Smartrak is developing EV enablement tools to help customers throughout their electrification journey, from those considering EV adoption to those who already have them onboard.

Like many innovation-focused organisations, Smartrak uses customer feedback as a guide. In 2023 the company brought together a special interest group (SIG) made up of industry leaders in the fleet sustainability space: Meridian Energy, Griffith University and Aurecon Group.

These organisations demonstrate a desire to accelerate the pace of technology development to make managing EVs in a fleet environment easier.  The collaboration has identified pain points in need of addressing and sets goals for the Smartrak product developers. The latest innovations are still under wraps, but the good news is that once they are finished they will be available to all Smartrak customers.

Smartrak is also looking beyond cars: by developing journey-management tools to offer viable transport alternatives which reduce fleet dependence on cars. Some of these alternatives are already embraced by customers, with fleets adopting e-micromobility such as e-Scooters and bikes.

But there is more being done in this space, for example, Smartrak is laying the groundwork for solutions that will analyse a journey and propose the best option for completing it – this could include riding public transport or taking an Uber. Just one more solution among a raft of options that will contribute to reducing the vehicle count in fleets and emissions.

Top tips for EV adoption in fleets

1. Check out the Smartrak EV Fleet Management Guide  – a quick read, packed with practical advice.

2. Let the data you’re gathering from telematics guide your decision making. Relying on anecdotal evidence from drivers about their ‘range requirements’ almost always overstates the mileage they actually drive.

3. Make smart decisions with your charging infrastructure investment. Listen to the Smartrak podcast where leading industry suppliers in this space share their insights. Listening could save you money and leave you better placed for future requirements.

4. Get in touch with Smartrak – take its solutions for a demo, tell them about challenges and opportunities as you see them, and reduce your fleet emissions!

Find out more about Smartrak’s sustainable transportation solutions today at

We look forward to supporting Smartrak as they continue to lead the charge as the foremost provider of advanced EV fleet management solutions!