Smartrak is a leading provider of advanced fleet management solutions, serving customers across New Zealand and Australia. The company’s comprehensive platform includes real-time tracking, reporting, and analysis of fleet performance, as well as a range of features designed to optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance safety and compliance. Smartrak is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of transportation through innovative solutions and expert support.

Smartrak is a leading supplier of government agencies, councils, healthcare and utilities organisations, supporting them in reaching their Net Zero transitions via improved visibility of their fleets, maximising utilisation, right-shaping and sizing their fleets, and supporting the management of a future electrified fleet.


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Telematics – Smartrak is New Zealand’s leading provider of Telematics software, leveraging GPS tracking to enable visibility of your fleet, assets, and personnel wherever they are. Smartrak’s GPS tracking capability enable organisations to locate assets in real-time, report and maximise utilisation, report and take action on driver behaviour, and get alerted of high impact and rollover events; or manual duress – and much more.

PoolCar – PoolCar is Smartrak’s market-leading pool booking software that enables seamless management of shared fleets. PoolCar enables organisations to make their shared fleets easily and quickly accessible to their staff whilst still maintaining essential oversight over the use and authorisation of use, with minimal administration. Our customers have consistently achieved 10% reductions in their fleet size through moving to a shared fleet, all whilst keeping their vehicles secure and staff on the move. Smartrak has integrated key EV information into the PoolCar booking solution to ensure that drivers don’t begin their bookings with an EV unable to complete the journey, and prioritise the use of low emissions vehicles to support our customers in reducing their environmental footprint.

Key Management – Smartrak’s innovative Key Management solutions supports improved security of the fleet, without the additional administration oversight. Our popular KeyMaster key cabinets allow for scalable access to your fleets keys in a streamlined manner that allows self-service to the correct keys for an approved booking. No longer worry about lost keys or the wrong vehicle keys being taken! In parallel we also offer our Keyless Entry solution for more mobile fleets, which revolutionises the concept of key management by keeping the keys within a vehicle, and instead remotely locking and unlocking the vehicle via our software, meaning staff can go straight to the vehicle and operate it with an authorised booking.