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Smartrak proudly leads the charge as the foremost provider of advanced EV fleet management solutions, dedicated to facilitating EV enablement, administration, and shared fleet management throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our expertise positions us as the preferred choice for government agencies, councils, healthcare, and utilities organizations, assisting them in their transition to Net Zero by enhancing fleet visibility, optimizing utilization, right-sizing their fleets, and effectively managing electrified vehicles.

We acknowledge that Electric Vehicles (EVs) and other Zero Emissions Vehicles represent the future of fleets. Yet, as with any emerging technology, specific challenges must be addressed to accelerate the adoption of EVs. Smartrak is unwaveringly committed to championing sustainability and diminishing the environmental footprint of our customers through innovative solutions and expert guidance.

Our leading EV fleet management solutions provides a comprehensive framework for seamlessly navigating the day-to-day management of EVs. This empowers end-users with confidence while minimizing the administrative burdens of Fleet Management associated with EV operations. Smartrak goes beyond by actively supporting the tracking and reporting of fleet emissions, ensuring your organization stays on course for a sustainable journey.

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Nextrak EV Telematics – Smartrak is New Zealand’s leading provider of Telematics software, leveraging GPS tracking to enable visibility of your fleet, assets, and personnel wherever they are. With Nextrak, Smartrak customers can proactively monitor the charge state, range and battery levels of their EV and PHEV fleet in real-time wherever they may be located allowing you to proactively managing the charging of your EV fleet and keep tabs on it’s utilisation. No more waiting for them to be connected to a smart charger or manually checking!

PoolCar (with EV information) – PoolCar – PoolCar is Smartrak’s market-leading pool booking software that enables seamless management of shared fleets. PoolCar enables organisations to make their shared fleets easily and quickly accessible to their staff whilst still maintaining essential oversight over the use and authorisation of use, with minimal administration. When combined with the data provided by Nextrak, PoolCar users have the ability to see EV charge states when they go to book a vehicle. PoolCar can notify users of upcoming bookings with low charge states, and allow users to make informed choices about fit-for-purpose vehicles that’ll go the distance based off the EVs range and current charge state. PoolCar can also prioritise the booking of vehicles with low or zero emissions, helping organisations to drive towards their emissions targets. Our customers have consistently achieved 10% reductions in their fleet size through moving to a shared fleet, all whilst keeping their vehicles secure and staff on the move.

Emissions Reporting – Smartrak’s emissions reporting provides clarity on your fleets progress towards emissions targets. Leveraging our telematics data to understand the distances individual vehicles have travelled, and their calculated emissions rates, our customers have been able to easily and successfully monitor and report on year on year reductions in CO2e per KM travelled across their fleets. Integrating with the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA), Smartrak is able to automatically identify individual vehicle models to ensure the correct emissions profile is used for each vehicle. Designed in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2018 and the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, our emissions reporting ensures that our customers have confidence in the data they’re reporting.

Key Management Smartrak’s innovative Key Management solutions supports improved security of the fleet, without the additional administration oversight. Our popular KeyMaster key cabinets allow for scalable access to your fleets keys in a streamlined manner that allows self-service to the correct keys for an approved booking. No longer worry about lost keys or the wrong vehicle keys being taken! In parallel we also offer our Keyless Entry solution for more mobile fleets, which revolutionises the concept of key management by keeping the keys within a vehicle, and instead remotely locking and unlocking the vehicle via our software, meaning staff can go straight to the vehicle and operate it with an authorised booking.

Collaborative Development – Smartrak is currently coordinating the formation of a special interest group (SIG) to work with us collaboratively on the development of future EV enablement solutions. Working with other industry leaders in the space, we’re committed to developing products and features that address the real world needs of our customers and the market. If you want to be at the forefront of EV enablement within your fleet, and want to help influence the development of future solutions, we’d warmly welcome you to apply to join our current or future SIG groups.