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Meet the Fleet – Evnex

by Drive Electric | Oct 10, 2022 | Commercial Case Study

Meet the Fleet – Evnex

Introducing Drive Electric member Evnex!

Evnex is building New Zealand’s largest network of smart EV chargers and is going from strength to strength when it comes to innovation in the EV industry, advocating for efficient, safe, and convenient charging with the lowest emission footprint possible.

With both residential and commercial applications, Evnex has developed intuitive, scalable technology to enable the load generated by charging EVs to be managed sustainably across NZ’s power supply and take advantage of sustainably generated energy.

The company has been at the forefront of calls for the Government to implement a nationwide smart charging programme for EVs and supports the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) in exploring the normalisation of smart charging. Achieving this will be critical in ensuring New Zealand’s energy infrastructure can meet demand and do so in the most cost-effective way.

CEO Ed Harvey says close shaves with national power supply over winter months demonstrate the fragility of our network and the importance of managing increasing demand – recent hybrid purchasing subsidies are only half the picture.

Harvey says New Zealand’s grid can cope with the projected demand in EV uptake if smart charging is the norm and not the exception. A new initiative in Connecticut, US, is targeting the installation of 50,000 residential smart connected chargers by 2030. Connecticut is similar to NZ in size and climate, which Ed Harvey says demonstrates the ability to do the same here successfully.

“Here in NZ, EV owners are already taking matters into their own hands, choosing to charge during off-peak times. While this is a great first step, as our fleet grows and thousands more drivers do the same, that will create new peaks of demand,” he says.

Smart charging can automate the process, ensuring charging routines are optimised for both cost and environmental impact. As part of its work, EECA is asking for submissions from the public on a new green paper about improving EV charger performance.

The Authority says feedback will help “inform the conversation about the government’s role” in encouraging the uptake of smart EV charging technologies, with the goals of supporting NZ’s electricity system and transitioning to a low emissions economy. The paper covers regulation, incentives, and education.

Evnex has built strong partnerships across New Zealand (and beyond), believes the charging convenience and accessibility its smart chargers provide are crucial in providing the best possible EV driver experience. If smart charging is kept simple, it could influence greater uptake of EVs.

As the company works to continue delivering tangible options to future-proof the stability of the country’s power supply and lower emissions, it has a firm focus on innovation. That means individuals and businesses alike can seamlessly integrate smart charging into their lives while positively impacting the environment.

We are looking forward to collaborating with Evnex as we collectively work towards a decarbonised transport future for New Zealand.