Evnex is a leader in innovation and sustainability in the EV industry. Since 2014, the New Zealand-based team has worked hard to design, build, and install smart EV chargers that are both affordable for their customers and better for the planet. Evnex chargers are designed and manufactured in New Zealand with the circular economy in mind. They use no single-use plastic packaging and you can even return a finished charger to Evnex for recycling!

Envex helps electricity distributors and retailers, public charging networks, technology companies and parking operators develop and deploy their own EV charging products and services by offering a range of scalable, enterprise-grade hardware, software and cloud services. Evnex handles the complexities of hardware, connectivity and cloud software so tech companies offering EV charging can focus on logistics and expanding their business. 

Evnex’s innovative, enterprise-focused vehicle charging platform has made their customers’ transitions to electric easier and more stress-free than ever. Evnex have been narrowing in on interoperability, smart charging capability and ease of installation.


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Envex designs, builds and installs smart EV chargers for electricity distributors and retailers, public charging networks, technology companies, parking operators and individuals across New Zealand.