Zilch is an innovative on-demand zero emission electric car sharing service in Auckland and Christchurch. They support New Zealanders in reducing their impact on the environment, improving air quality in cities and helping to reduce the number of cars on roads. A Zilch electric car can be driven for work, commuting errands or travel at a fraction of the cost of ownership. 

Using Zilch is as easy as joining, booking, driving, and dropping off your quality electric car. Car reservations can be on-demand, used all day, and even for airport transfers. Zilch offers commuter subscriptions as well as their Zilch for Business service. Zilch for Business includes full or partial fleet replacement, a cloud-based booking engine, H&S reporting, and carbon accounting. Ultimately, Zilch’s mission is to help public and private sector organisations transition to sustainable mobility, and to help everyday Kiwis do the same. Their vision is for fewer cars, lower emissions, and healthier, happier, more productive cities.


Level 6, 155 Fanshawe Street, Auckland CBD

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Zilch is an electric car sharing service in Auckland and Christchurch, using sharing technology to increase vehicle utilisation and reduce fleet size.