We.EV is a subdivision of WEL Networks dedicated to shaping the future of energy management in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We.EV seamlessly integrates EV charging infrastructure into the electricity grid and offers three areas of EV charging expertise:

  • Residential – An innovative solution with a mission to preserve electricity grids nationwide
  • Public – An essential network of public chargers throughout Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Commercial – Infrastructure solutions for businesses and organisations transitioning fleets to EV’s.


114 Maui Street, Te Rapa, 3200

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We.EV @Work – we provide analysis, design, installation and ongoing maintenance of EV charging infrastructure for businesses and organisations (including heavy transport machinery).

We.EV On-the-go – we own and operate a fleet of public chargers which is steadily growing through a partnership with Waitomo Fuels Group and City Councils.

We.EV @Home – with preservation of our essential electricity grids at heart, we install the smartest chargers at highly competitive rates.

We are creating a network of residential chargers with a central management system that can enable Aotearoa New Zealand’s 29 Electricity Distribution Businesses (EDBs) to exercise intermittent remote throttling of EV chargers to avoid unnecessary network spend.