New Zealand based company Thundergrid describe themselves as experts in transport electrification. This electric vehicle energy and billing service installs smart grid chargers that enable clients to scale their fleet charging needs without upgrading their facilities power connections. 

Providing planning advice, project management, and end-to-end charge station management services this dynamic company prides itself on flexibility and configurability when it comes to helping users with their electrification strategy. The only end to end service design and implementation package in all of Aotearoa they provide a wide range of information from fleet reviews and infrastructure audits to business case development and billing.

Thundergrid’s smart EV charging platforms can modulate power according to availability and demand, supporting the load on buildings and the grid. Additionally, their smart software manages usage and modulates the speed of charging. You can process payments, produce environmental reports, reimburse employees for at-home usage or schedule off-peak charging. Committed to a future of green transportation this forward thinking company is making positive changes in the New Zealand market.


Unit 5/149, Park Road Miramar, Wellington

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