Shape Group

SHAPE is an integrated infrastructure services business specialising in a full-service range including design, build, operate, finance, and maintain infrastructure assets in all of the markets we operate. Made up of three core business units, SHAPE Energy, SHAPE Technology, and SHAPE Projects, the Group have the resources and knowledge to bring clean, connected, resilient, and collaborative SHAPE have a full range of solutions for reliable and fast charging of electric vehicles, able to deploy the necessary infrastructure to enable a switch to EVs. By focusing on renewables and energy efficient technologies, SHAPE is able to deliver EV supply equipment that works for both the end user and the environment.


Clean – Shape our relationship with nature

Connected – Shape how we see our infrastructure

Resilient – –Shape the definition of infrastructure success

Collaborative – Shape the way we do business


186 Station Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061

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SHAPE Group offer a number of services and solutions for the infrastructure required to operate EV vehicles as a part of your organisation, including off-grid and backup energy generation, energy storage and backup systems, EV supply equipment, and full system control and monitoring.