Horwin is a producer of electric scooters and motorcycles that supplies several dealerships throughout New Zealand with a low carbon alternative to an efficient mode of transport.

Motorcycles, as well as scooters have always been the quick way to commute across towns and cities. They are light, nimble, they beat the traffic, are easy to park and are frugal. Regardless of how frugal a petrol scooter might be, an electric scooter is always dramatically more frugal. Because 85% of Aotearoa’s power is renewable, our electric power truly is clean, which helps make scooters the most environmentally friendly method of travel available, other than vehicles that are self-powered (walking, bicycles and e-bikes). 

With weather protection, under-seat storage, and greater visibility scooters are the mid-point between a car and an e-bike, for about the same price as the latter.


Horwin NZ, PO Box 26067, St Heliers, Auckland

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