Hikotron is a Hamilton-based Electric Vehicle (EV) charging company in Waikato, New Zealand, dedicated to deploying cutting-edge AC public chargers.

Hikotron’s goal is to establish New Zealand’s most extensive EV AC charging network, ensuring that EV drivers can confidently travel between destinations knowing they can recharge their vehicles upon arrival.

The Hikotron team, in collaboration with our Kiwi partners, has developed a proprietary charger and mobile app right here in New Zealand. The design draws from the successful European AC Type 2 socket infrastructure, enhanced with innovative technology, including two pending patents that address common challenges in EV charging infrastructure.


16 Puutikitiki Street, Hamilton East

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With two pending patents and built specifically to stand up to heavy public use, the Hikotron charging station is the most robust and reliable product on the market today, designed and built right here in New Zealand.


The Hikotron Mobile App

Working with leading local software developers and with a strong focus on user experience and reliability, the Hikotron mobile application seamlessly integrates into their charging hardware to provide users the best charging experience possible.