Gyro Plastics

GYRO is New Zealand’s first manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of stainless steel, electric vehicle charger mounting posts for use in public, commercial and residential installations.

With their goal to serve as an eco-friendly plastic manufacturer, they implement this by receiving back 100% of GYRO products removed from service and recycle and reuse 100% of the raw material collected. Designed and manufactured locally in New Zealand, their growing range of products for EV charger mounting and installation includes wheelstops, EV Charger mounting posts, kiosks, pedestals, distribution cabinets, distribution pits and several more products that they are in the process of developing to further support the switch to electric vehicles.

Since 2019 they have worked with some of their larger clientele on implementing a “divert from landfill” scheme to help with collection of any GYRO products that have been deemed no longer fit for use. By controlling the content of their recycled material, they are able to control the quality and ensure that they continue to produce the best, most robust products every time.


22-26 Darragh Road, Feilding, Manawatu

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