FleetPartners is a leading provider of vehicle leasing, fleet management and heavy commercial vehicle solutions. We’re owned by ASX-listed FleetPartners Group Limited. With experience spanning over 45 years, we keep more than 90,000 vehicles moving across Australia and New Zealand each year. We help businesses of all sizes access funds and effectively manage their company vehicles.

We help businesses meet their carbon objectives and fleet sustainability goals by leasing hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles. With large fleets, we guide their transition to a low or zero-emission fleet, through our Journey to Carbon Zero program. Transitioning a fleet is not a simple ‘replace with EV’ approach. It requires a carbon strategy, an understanding of the fleet’s mission, vehicle selection, designing the right charging solutions, and bringing your team on the journey.

FleetPartners offers electric vehicle leasing for customers both large and small, making carbon footprint reduction easier than ever. Go to www.fleetpartners.co.nz for more information.


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Vehicle leasing, fleet management and heavy commercial vehicle solutions for business and enterprise.