Well known Italian brand Fiat has been importing vehicles into New Zealand since the 1950’s and continues to do so today. When it comes to Fiat and electric vehicles, the Fiat 500 range is fully electric and is the only Fiat EV that is available within New Zealand. 

The company aims to be a fully electric company by 2027 and intends to focus on making EV’s more affordable through their brand. The CEO of the company has stated that “In the next five years, we’re going to launch one new car per year per region- and globally we’re able to create cars that are common everywhere in the world, which is something we’ve struggled with in the past,”

One of the most important pillars of brand Fiat is its commitment to sustainable mobility. The Group keeps introducing innovative solutions in every operating region for both conventional engine technologies and alternative fuels and propulsion systems. Examples of already available eco-friendly technologies are TwinAir, Multijet II, Multiair and the largest natural gas range in Europe. As a result, average CO2 emissions from Fiat cars sold in Europe decreased by 13% in 2013 compared with 2007. The launch of Fiat 500e in USA, a zero-emission electric vehicle, is also evidence of the environmental commitment of the brand.


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