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Meet the Fleet – ABB and Audi in partnership

by Drive Electric | Apr 26, 2022 | Commercial Case Study

Meet the Fleet – ABB and Audi in partnership

Drive Electric are proud to include ABB New Zealand and Audi New Zealand among our Corporate membership. Both companies are proactively instigating change across the electric vehicle movement in New Zealand, and are making meaningful contributions towards New Zealand’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. 

ABB is a global technology company who has established themselves as a clear leader in high calibre e-mobility charging solutions over the past decade. ABB entered the e-mobility market back in 2010, and today has sold more than 680,000 electric vehicle chargers across more than 85 markets; over 30,000 DC fast chargers and 650,000 AC chargers, including those sold through Chargedot.

ABB offers fulsome EV charging solutions from compact, high quality AC wallboxes and robust DC fast charging stations, to innovative electric bus charging systems, and the deployment of infrastructure that meets the needs of an increasingly electric transport sector. Recently, they have launched Terra 360 – the world’s fastest EV charger!

The aspirational automotive brand Audi is instantly recognisable on Kiwi roads, and is synonymous with premium vehicles that look as good as they drive. Audi have committed to a fully electric new product offering by 2026, and their award-winning e-tron is a fantastic indicator of the innovation, intelligence and quality of their vehicles to come.  

It really is no surprise, then, that these two industry leaders have formed a partnership to facilitate greater access to e-mobility solutions across New Zealand.  Together, ABB and Audi are bringing publicly accessible AC and DC charging points to Audi authorised dealerships nationwide. 16 premium ABB charging systems are to be installed at 14 well-positioned Audi dealerships across New Zealand.

This partnership has already seen milestones such as New Zealand’s first publicly available changer above 50kW: a 175kW DC Terra HP charger at Audi’s Archibald dealership. This system can provide the Audi e-tron with 145km of extended driving range with as little as 10 minutes of charging! Three other Audi dealerships are now also taking advantage of the Terra HP, and another ten dealerships offer the ABB Terra 54 charger (50kW), which delivers a full 400km charge in two hours.   

It is fantastic to see two innovative Drive Electric members working together to accelerate progress for electric vehicle uptake and accessibility to charging infrastructure across New Zealand! We look forward to watching ABB and Audi continue to lead from the front as both companies develop more e-mobility solutions.