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A new technology can allow electric vehicle (EV) drivers to charge their cars from street lights, researchers say.

The innovative Light and Charge system by the BMW Group is being demonstrated in OxfordBSE 4.71 %, UK, and combines energy-efficient lighting with affordable EV charging.

By building charging points into street lights, it would be possible to integrate a charging network into the existing urban landscape rather than only at existing fuel stations, researchers said.

The Light and Charge points could be set up at any location where there is a street light (or where one can be installed) and where parking is available, ‘Gizmag’ reported.

With its modular LED design, the Light & Charge street light is much more energy-efficient than conventional street lighting and provides more effective illumination, the researchers said.

Through intelligent control electronics, the street light can adjust itself to its environment and yields energy savings by enabling the reduction of light output late at night and whenever no one is around.

The EV charging cable connects to a standard connector on the Light & Charge street light and the integrated control panel allows drivers to start charging with the swipe of a card regardless of vehicle model.

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