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Drive Electric hosted a meeting/workshop of people interested in EVs in Wellington.  It was hosted by the Wellington City Council.  Representatives included councils, government agencies, retailers, individuals etc.  Some 30+ people attended.

Presenters included:  Drive Electric, Z Energy, Cardno Consulting (who run EVs in their fleet), Wellington Electric Lines, Charge Net, EECA, Sigurd Magnusson (recent EV owner and enthusiast), Mark Nixon (Christchurch EV Owners Group), Wellington City Council.

The meeting was very much a show and tell, and for everyone to “come up to speed” with things EV. It was also an opportunity for people to provide feedback on the website and what they would like to see on it.  Drive Electric is currently in the process of upgrading its website.

Participants agreed that there were many moving parts to the EV picture that needed coordinating to help accelerate EV uptake.  The Wellington Regional Council has kindly offered to host the next meeting, which will explore developing a roadmap for accelerating EV uptake in the Wellington Region.  Ideally this roadmap will form part of a nested national-regional set of roadmaps that guide a coordinated national and regional approach. Watch this space.

Many thanks to the Wellington City Council for hosting this first regional meeting focused on developing a regional roadmap, and to Steve West for making the trip to Wellington to participate.

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