Where can I charge my EV?

You have a wide range of recharging options for your EV, whether at home or on the road. In the last few years, the number of charging stations has increased significantly, with public chargers available every 75km across New Zealand.

Use your regular socket at home

If you have the right charging cable, you can you use your regular sockets and power supply to slow-charge your car overnight. By taking the correct precautions, this is safe – click here to see EECA’s safety recommendations.

Right through your house you’ve got 3-pin sockets to plug appliances into, and there’s probably at least one in your garage. Depending on the size, from completely empty your battery will take about 12 hours to be fully charged with an ordinary 8-10 amp power outlet. You can find an 8-amp EV charging cable at Drive Electric member juicepoint.co.nz. It’s always a good idea to get installation advice from a registered electrician. Depending on the age of your house and the condition of the wiring, you may need a separate line from the fuse box and/or a charging unit to keep your family safe.

No garage? Faster charge?

Maybe you don’t have a garage and you need an outside power point installed, or you might want faster charging. An electrician can quickly install a 15 amp socket, with a waterproof casing if need be.

Charging on the go

With an ever-expanding network and rapid-charge stations all over New Zealand, charging your EV is easier than ever.

Fast-charging options

Charging while you’re out can be a quicker option, thanks to faster charging capacity at public chargers. Fast chargers have power levels of 22kW+, while rapid DC chargers are between 50kW and 300kW – far more powerful than the average 2.2kW home outlet. This means you can often recharge in approximately thirty minutes, instead of overnight.

Rapidly expanding network 

Download the Plugshare app and find your nearest location when you’re out and about. Similarly, charge.net.nz shows you a map of existing and planned stations, and Vector has a mobile app, which shows locations and live-status information (available for iOS and Android).

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