The Business Case

Are EVs the best choice for your business? 

With new incentives, technology and infrastructure emerging, switching your fleet to EVs is more practical than ever. Here’s why they could be right for your business. 

Clean Car Discounts 

The newly introduced Clean Car Discount helps alleviate the higher cost of new EVs. In the scheme, you can claim up to $8625 per vehicle if you purchase new BEVs for your fleet. 

Running cost comparisons 

In an ICE car, travelling 12,500km a year costs about $2500. Driving a fully electric vehicle for the same distance only costs about $500. That’s a significant reduction in costs for any business, especially one that involves a lot of driving.

Have a look at the EECA’s TCO tool to see what the total cost of ownership would be for your fleet.

Increased range 

Modern, fully-electric vehicles can now travel between 120-400 km on a single charge, with some specialist models making it up to an amazing 800 km.  

Improved battery range and charging infrastructure has now made long-distance BEV fleets entirely possible. To decide if an EV is right for your fleet, work out the daily travel of your vehicles. If some cars need recharging during the business day, you may be able to identify periods where the vehicle could be plugged in. This could be at the office, during employee breaks or meetings, or at one of the public fast chargers available around the country. You can locate these on the Plugshare app.

Our members have been through this process and EVs are working well for their fleets – get in touch with us if you’d like to chat with one of them about the practicalities of EVs in your fleet, or read our case studies below.

Case Studies

Case studies of companies already using EV

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Time – saving charging options

Overseas uptake shows 95% of recharging is done overnight with little extra investment in infrastructure required. This means most of your fleet charging can be done overnight, at your drivers’ homes or your worksite. This is especially true if you begin your transition with your pool cars. You can install chargers where they are normally parked overnight, saving time refuelling.

Charge at your premises or on the road

EVs can be charged on standard sockets, although other sockets and supplies such as wall-mounted or fixed-pedestal chargers allow more convenient and slightly faster charging. Some businesses choose to invest a bit more and install rapid chargers – making faster charging possible.

Long distance made easy

When you are ready to extend your fleet transition to long-distance vehicles, you don’t have to worry about your drivers stopping overnight. New Zealand’s charging network is growing –with public chargers available every 75km. Many rapid chargers are available at petrol stations and shopping centres, making them easy to use during a break or rest stop.  

Charging EVs on standard household sockets is safe with a few simple precautions. Click here for more information.

Change is coming – are you ready? 

The shift away from fossil fuels may feel gradual, but the pace of change is accelerating and your business needs to be prepared. If you’re not in on the ground floor with EVs, you could face increased costs and higher emissions.

As with any developing technology, economies of scale affect the individual unit cost of an EV. Research shows:

  • Some estimates show that electric vehicles should reach price parity with petrol and diesel cars as early as 2024, thanks to the decreasing price of battery production. 
  • Many countries – including New Zealand – have introduced incentives and disincentives to encourage the purchase of EVs.

A number of countries in the EU and in other jurisdictions have proposed banning fossil fuel vehicles by 2030.

More drivers for change

Of course, economic factors aren’t the only – or even the main – factor driving this change. Switching your fleet to full or hybrid EVs can make a tangible difference to your CO2 emissions, which has obvious benefits for the planet as well as helping you meet your sustainability responsibilities.

  • Energy makes up 42% of New Zealand’s CO2 emissions, with transport accounting for 43% of energy emissions. 
  • Since 1990, emissions from road transport have increased by more than 60%. 
  • 80% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated from renewable sources, with an aspirational target of 90% by 2025.  

Charging EVs overnight will help smooth out some of the peaks in our electricity demand and will help achieve the 90% renewable electricity target.

Drive Electric – making a difference

Drive Electric was established in 2011, to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream. A big part of our mission involves sharing information with businesses and consumers, but we’re also involved with advocacy work and promoting EV innovation.

Advocacy and action

Over 10 years representing the e-mobility system, we’ve built valuable relationships with industry bodies and government officials and grown our membership to include a number of businesses and individuals. 

We have worked collaboratively with these groups, undertaking research and advocating for change at a government level. Most recently, we were proud to be involved with the development and launch of the Clean Cars Discount scheme, which will make a real difference to EV uptake in New Zealand.

Business support

We also work with businesses, offering advice and support around transitioning to an EV fleet. We believe EVs offer great business opportunities – and not just in cost savings. Because EVs are an emerging market, savvy businesses can get in early with maintenance services, installing charging cables or even importing fleet vehicles.  

Become a member now to get expert support – and to become part of New Zealand’s burgeoning EV movement.

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