What are the finance options for my company?

Because resale values are not well established for EVs, lease companies traditionally build very low residual prices into their agreements.

However, lease companies are starting to proactively shift their approach to leasing agreements for EVs that could make their higher costs more palatable. These vary between companies, but may include elements like longer lease terms or higher residuals.

To discuss your leasing options further, contact any one of these companies:

Fully Electric

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  • Fuel type

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Trying an EV first

If you don’t know much about EVs, you don’t need to jump right in and buy one. If you’d like to test drive another kind of EV, click on any of the links below to arrange directly with the manufacturer:

You could also try contacting Blue Cars for a 4 or 7 day rental of a Nissan Leaf, and an introductory lesson on EV driving and charging. If afterward you decide to buy a Leaf, Blue Cars will negotiate a $500 discount off the purchase price. They also provide mobile and fixed charging options.

How can my organisation join Drive Electric and what do we get?

Becoming a member of Drive Electric is all about committing to the vision of a totally electric New Zealand. You’ll be part of the conversation that will help shape infrastructure and legislation around EV.

You’ll also get:

  • Access to professional advice
  • Discounted tickets to events
  • Opportunity to help shape the future
  • Regular information updates about EVs in New Zealand including policy, funding announcements and news.

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