Waste Management

Waste Management is Aotearoa’s leading materials recovery, recycling and waste management provider. With this role, Waste Management is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to redirect, neutralise and use waste. Their Circular Strategy aims to strengthen their position as the leader in energy recovery and powering the circular economy, and to contribute to a carbon positive future for Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Waste Management captures over 90% of landfill gas produced at their sites and converts it to electricity to feed back into the national grid. This helps power their growing electric truck fleet, which collects the nation’s waste. Along with electric collection trucks, transitioning to an electric fleet was identified as a key initiative in Waste Management’s Sustainability Commitment, launched in 2016. Investing in electric cars and trucks seemed like an obvious opportunity to improve their business; collecting waste to generate electricity in landfills and energy parks and powering their collection fleet to service customers are just two of the ways Waste Management is actively helping to decarbonise our energy and transport sectors.


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Materials recovery, recycling and waste management services nation-wide.