Opel is one of Europe’s largest automakers. It was founded by Adam Opel in 1862 in Rüsselsheim, Germany and their fleet of vehicles can now be found in New Zealand.

As part of their commitment toward a sustainable future, they are focusing both on new technologies designed to make their existing engines more efficient, and on building an e-mobility system in support of future electric vehicles. All of the cars in the Opel NZ range are low or zero emission vehicles.

E-mobility represents the future of sustainable transport, benefitting drivers by lowering running costs and fuel consumption, and vastly reducing carbon emissions. Opel implements this ethos through technology such as their eco tech, which drives significant fleet efficiencies by lowering and monitoring fuel and energy consumption and CO2 emissions, offering an extensive choice of highly efficient, long-range models that go further for less. 

One of the major challenges facing the automotive industry is the environment. As a car manufacturer, Opel recognises its social responsibility to operate ethically. Their goal is to reduce their overall carbon footprint and continue taking significant, positive steps that set an example for the industry as a whole.


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