Mevo is helping create beautiful and more livable cities by offering a better alternative to private car ownership. Each Mevo car replaces over 10 private cars, and encourages a behavioural shift towards multi-modal, sustainable transport which complements public and active forms of transport. Mevo Flex is as easy as reserving, unlocking with your phone, and driving to accomplish your goals without the commitment, maintenance and carbon footprint associated with owning your own car. Driving with Mevo allows for freedom, flexibility, and convenience with pick up and drop off vehicles across Flex Zones.

Mevo also has the ability to replace fleet vehicles and taxi spend with access to vehicles from the Mevo fleet at a discounted rate, with secured use during chosen business hours. Business fleet subscriptions lead to greater savings with scalability and flexibility; companies can subscribe to as many virtual fleet vehicles as their company needs. For each new business subscription, a new EV is added to the Mevo fleet!


Level 10, The iCentre, 50 Manners Street, Wellington 6011

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On-demand 24/7 car sharing service, operated by users through a simple app.