JW Group

The JW Group of companies is dedicated to a high standard of servicing, importing, and marketing electric and diesel buses for the New Zealand market. Yutong, their flagship brand, is the world’s largest bus manufacturer and a leader in R&D spending for quality, safety and the global transition to clean energy transport.
JW Group is also a leader in Zero Emission commercial electric vehicle technology and is one of our largest electric bus providers.  Their range of Yutong full electric urban bus models has expanded to serve the public in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, so far.  Among several NZ firsts, JW Group has supplied electric luxury passenger coaches to a private operator for “business class” commutes into Auckland CBD and corporate or event travel.
Every deployment of a quiet electric bus or truck from JW Group contributes significantly to New Zealand’s Emissions Reduction Plan, lessening dependence on fossil fuels, and improving the air quality in our communities.


20 Hobill Avenue, Wiri, Auckland 2104

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Servicing, importing, and marketing of electric and diesel buses for the New Zealand market.