Jump Charging

New Zealand owned and operated, Jump Charging specialises in the supply of commercial electric vehicle charging, green hydrogen fuelling advice and infrastructure solutions to support the commercial transport sector’s transition away from fossil fuels. Their business model challenges the norm. with the intention to build a bridge between the current transport energy model and a low carbon future. 

Jump partners with business, industry and local authorities to install ultra-fast DC electric vehicle charging stations suitable for commercial fast charging. This ensures operational efficiency by minimising downtime and improving economy while reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Jump Charging has a unique perspective on the role that green energy solutions play in the transport transition. Rather than advocating for one solution over another, they view electric and hydrogen as complementary technologies. It is their belief that a ‘dual fuel’ approach is the key to achieving zero emissions, with each technology deployed to fit specific situations.

With an emphasis on stakeholder engagement, they partner with business and industry to develop the most effective solutions for each application and environment, so that together they can help build a sustainable transport future for the benefit of all.


6 Blake Street, Rangiora, New Zealand

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