EV Maritime

​​EV Maritime exists to focus deep marine industry experience on the foremost challenge of our time: climate change. They are a marine technology business in New Zealand, dedicated to developing electric and alternative energy commercial boats, with the aim to decarbonise the harbour cities of the world.

In maritime rapid transit and tourism operations, eliminating emissions matters. So also does performance, in all its forms. EV Maritime brings the very best of New Zealand innovation to a new challenge: high-performance, zero-emission commercial vessels and ferries.

Electrification is taking off and we will soon see it become the default choice for the maritime sector. This will start with ferries, then tugs and pilot boats, then crew transfer vessels and general workboats. EV Maritime has been focused for the last couple of years on developing a standardised high-speed passenger ferry suitable for Auckland’s commuter network and more broadly for the harbour cities of the world.


21 Gabador Place, Mount Wellington

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EV Maritime is Auckland-based marine technology company developing electric and alternative energy commercial boats and ferries.